About Us

animalhm Advisor is dedicated to helping you achieve your wishes. We do this by giving you the information and research you need to make informed marketing you can trust, so you can get back to what matters most.

We do not take this task lightly. We promise to inform you about how the world around you affects your bottom line and equip you with clear, unbiased, and practical advice you can trust to make your money decisions simple and intelligent, not stressful.

The animalhm editorial team has decades of personal marketing experience. We are happy to help you make marketing decisions and choose the right products for your life and goals.

The team brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the marketing. Our priority is to ensure that the range, reviews, and advice we provide to you are backed by research, deep expertise, and solid methodologies.

The animalhm team is independent and objective. Our reviews and “best of” ratings are created using rigorous published methodologies and are managed only by an editorial team aligned with industry experts where appropriate. Content is based on in-depth research, independent data collection, analysis, and expert opinion.

Journalistic honesty is the key to our success. Our sales team (a separate group from our editorial team) reviews our content after it is written and identifies potential advertising opportunities to support our reporting efforts. This team will receive compensation from some of the brands featured in our range.