Queensland’s COVID-19 mandate for masks on public transport to be scrapped

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Queensland is ending the requirement for people to wear face masks while on public transport.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the state was following other jurisdictions and the mandate would be scrapped from midnight on Tuesday, September 20.

“That means the staff and patrons on public transport will no longer be required under a public health directive to be wearing masks,” she said.

However, Ms D’Ath asked the public to respect those who chose to continue wearing masks.

She also reminded people there were still times when they are required to be worn.

“There are still directions if you are someone who has been isolating, after your five days, that you are requested to wear a mask for a period of time as well, and you may also be a close contact,” she said.

“We certainly encourage those people to be wearing the masks and those who feel they need to for safety reasons, and particularly if they are in that vulnerable cohort.”

Under Queensland Health guidelines, those who have had COVID-19 must wear a mask at all times when outside their home for five days after the end of their isolation period.

Close contacts must wear a face mask at all times when outside the home for five days after being with a COVID-positive person.

Face masks are still required for everyone visiting a healthcare setting, residential aged care and disability accommodation and when outside of your home if you have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher, you have COVID-19 symptoms or you are awaiting a PCR test result.

Masks are not currently required in schools, but they may have their own mask policies.

Last Friday, Queensland recorded 183 people in hospital with COVID, including nine people in ICU.

There were 10,009 new cases of COVID reported in the latest reporting period.

COVID figures are reported weekly each Friday.

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